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Welcome to my wonderful world of original art!

What began life as a website showcasing my work as an artist and photographer, it has now grown and naturally morphed into a website predominantly selling my motorcycle graphics. The work shown here is all my own and in addition to the vinyl stickers includes traditionally hand-pulled original art prints (not reproductions, unless stated otherwise) using various techniques, screen print, dry point, etching and my favourite medium at the moment, linocut printing.

In addition, I create illustrations on the computer, reflecting my passion for motorcycling and touring. All reference and origination is my own. Work is available in a number of formats and sizes, framed or unframed, mugs (any of the images are available, even if not shown). 

All work is copyrighted and remains my personal, intellectual property (other logos (occasionally featured on luggage decals) remain the intellectual property of the registered owner). 

If you can't see what you're looking for, sorry, I can't put everything up here or would like to speak to me regarding a commission, please get in touch, I'd love to chat with you and there's no obligation.

In the meantime, thanks for looking!



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