Collection: Givi, Touratech & Bumot Luggage Decal Sets

These sticker sets/decals are suitable for Touratech, Givi and Bumot rigid metal motorcycle luggage. Many motorcycle owners mix up their luggage boxes. It's not uncommon for a BMW GS owner to prefer a larger capacity top box and often go for Givi's 58L box to partner their standard side boxes. Other motorcycle brands, such as Triumph and KTM run with Givi luggage. My decal sets aren't exclusive to BMW, I have created sets for Triumph, Honda, Ducati & KTM. If you have other luggage brands such as Touratech, or the increasingly popular Bumot boxes, then you should find them in this collection. If you have anything else, please let me know, if I can help, I will! Custom designs welcomed, contact me!

Givi, Touratech & Bumot Luggage Decal Sets