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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What material do you use? Is is suitable for vehicle decals?

After many years of successful and hard wearing use, we choose Mactac. Mactac has several films on offer that are especially designed for this purpose: you can apply them perfectly to 3D surfaces (convex, concave, …) such as car bonnets, wheel arches and doors. The majority of these films are equipped with the latest “Bubble Free” adhesive technology. Thanks to the micro structure of this adhesive layer, you can apply the film quickly and effortlessly. Moreover, any air bubbles or wrinkles are easy to push out.

Wrapping trucks, trains, motorcycles, boats, jet-skis…? You name it!

‘Vehicle wrapping’ covers many things. Mactac has designed a large variety of self-adhesive films which you can use to wrap virtually any type of vehicle, from buses, trains, company cars and race cars to SUVs, trucks, vans, motorcycles, jet-skis and boats. You name it! Mactac link.

We use bubble free self-adhesive vinyl printed on a large format ink jet printer for 'flat' surfaces such as the metal luggage boxes and minimum curved surfaces. For more complex curves we use a conformable self adhesive vinyl. Gentle use of heat can aid fitting (by using a heat gun or hair drier). Avoid application in cool conditions. Care must be given not to apply too much heat as this can result in excessive stretch and distortion. 

How long will it last?

Whilst I am not sure of the duration of the manufacturer’s guarantee (I think 5 years), longevity does depend on a few factors. It needs to be fitted to a clean, de-greased surface. Avoid using aggressive cleaners and do not spray at close range with hi pressure washers, but many of my customers have had their decal sets in excess of 5 years. In my experience, they are not compromised by temperatures. I have sold sets to cold destinations such as Alaska and to hot destinations such as Australia. On my own bike, my luggage has been subjected to minus temperatures and plus 40’s (even for some UK and European Summers), without any issues.

Is it easy to fit? What preparations are required and do I need to remove any parts?

Before attempting to fit decal sets, it is recommended that the luggage (or surface) be washed and degreased first. I wipe the surfaces down with Isopropyl Alcohol available from many stockist, including Amazon (get it here!) 

Whilst decal sets are cut to size and shape accurately for nearly all makes of luggage available from the website, it is possible that a little trimming might be required after application. This depends on the accuracy of application (eg. If not perfectly straight when applied), either way, it’s not a problem and easily achieved using a sharp craft knife. For a cleaner, more accurate fitting, removal of the locks and latches is recommended (usually fairly simple - just removal of small self-taping screws, from the inside, for the BMW boxes, using a hex tool, Philips head screw-driver for Givi luggage. There is no need to remove the riveted, tie-down bars. The vinyl is pre-cut to fit around the tie-down bars. Please visit the home page for a video showing fitment of decals on a BMW luggage box or click here.

Will it damage the paintwork of metal of the luggage boxes?

We have been using Mactac Self Adhesive Vinyl for over five years now. In that time I have replaced the decals on my boxes several times, (usually due to a new bike in a different colour, sometimes just for a change!) but retaining the same luggage boxes. Neither I, nor to my knowledge, any customers have experienced any issues with paint work or the metal finish following removal of the decals. In fact, the decals will protect the boxes and prevent common oxidisation and surface scratching of the boxes.

Can it be easily removed?

Yes! Whilst it is quite a hard pull to get the decals off, they come off cleanly and Mactac vinyl does not leave sticky residue on the surface of the boxes as other brands of self adhesive film and stickers, can. The decals however, will not come off without distortion, so when we say ‘easily removed’, we mean to take them off and to apply a new set. It is crucial to ensure that positioning is correct when fitting and before smoothing the remainder of the vinyl down. Removal for repositioning can be done without distortion and stretching, if done with care and before going too far with application.

Can I change my mind and return them?

Your prints are created especially for you! In the unlikely even that there is a problem with the quality of your decals or prints, we will of course put it right as soon as possible, but unfortunately we cannot accept returns simply because you have changed your mind. There are considerable costs in just getting the decals produced. In very rare occasions when a customer has decided that he/she has changed his mind, I will offer assistance if required and can advertise then through my social media channels. However, in this instance Mark Anstey Prints is not responsible for selling these for you, it is simply a courteous service. As is published elsewhere on the website, colour matching is not an exact science when matching paint to print. Colours will look different depending on the lighting, the type of paint (eg. Metallic) and the type of material (and the seal) used on the printed item. Colours are usually as accurate as possible. However, it is understood that sometimes colours can shift slightly due to a number of reasons during production. Rectification will of course be checked and honoured if this has been the case. Please note, we are unable to print metallic effect finishes.

Are decals gloss or matte finish?

The printed decals are printed and then sealed with either a gloss or matte seal. Both gloss and matte finishes are available (unfortunately, we are unable to mix finishes, eg. Some areas in gloss and some in matte). The selected finish usually suits the finish of the paint on the bike itself. Matte is the usual seal on decals for luggage boxes, but if a customer has a preference, please ensure that the request is clearly made in the comments box on the order page.