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CKS Beer Fanatic (after panniers were completed, see 'News' again!!)

GGLS –  Take it from me they are superb and in my opinion give you unequalled individuality!

Fjord Explorer Oak Framed Giclee

A lovely souvenir of our Norway trip thanks to Mark Anstey and his original artwork. The size and frame choice are perfect! Thank you very much Mark. AM

Love your work Mark. It’s creative, original and well executed. We love our Robot Limited print and our Camera print - they hang together nicely as a set in my studio. Now we’ve got the mugs to go with it!  Ray Gun is next on my list.  Looking forward to seeing more of your creations this year. MT & ST

CKS Beer Fanatic! (see under 'news')

Well done Mark, that's a great bit of work and it's certainly different! Use my finished bike for whatever promotion you need! GS

Wonderful Whistler: December '16 Oak Framed Giclee

We are so pleased with the picture and after you said it took longer than expected to complete, we wanted to give you some extra! KP

Serendipity: August '16 Acrylic Panel

I just wanted to thank you very much for the awesome artwork! It will undoubtedly be on my walls forever! AS

Hi Mark, Today the wrapping is completed. Looks good, very happy with it. The pictures are on facebook. Lots of people are interested J
Look at my timeline: Henk Oskam

Hi Mark, We had a sunny day (finally) so I thought I’d take a pic of the top box on my GSA. Perfect match, I think it looks amazing. 

Thor Beger. BMW Manager, Harrison Eurosports

Thanks Mark, the artwork looks terrific. I know that when collecting for the Poppy Appeal today, the panniers drew plenty of nice comments and a few photographs were taken. Regards, Alan.

I have just finished adding these custom made wraps to my Triple Black GSA panniers from !!! I think they look fantastic and the quality of the wrap used top notch!!!

People are generally scared to put their own wraps on but I found this easy & simple provided you take the time and have patience!! (I’m not even allow to wrap xmas presents normally I’m that bad!!) Having said this the wrap is bubble and crease free but I had a few tricks which I think made it easier to apply!!!

I can’t rate these highly enough and I spent ages trying to find suitable wraps but what was even more impressive is Mark customised the artwork to my desire!!!

Will post further photos on the bike but it needs a good clean to justify the quality of these panniers!!!

Thank you Mark Anstey for your patience in sorting these out!! Gareth Davies

In case you haven't seen it; putting my money where my mouth is, my own GSA! Over 6 months on since fitting and they still look as good as the day they were fitted and even survived, without tear or cut, a slight rear-end bump from a careless CBT student! I've also fitted a zebra tank decal too. I must take another photo! Mark :) 

I had the idea to wrap or spray my side panniers and my topcase which are difficult to maintain. My search on the internet brought me to I contacted him with messenger, paid for my order and a week later I was already in possession of the stickers. I also ordered stickers for the bottom (of the boxes) which are not included. To wrap it all neatly, I asked Mark to send uncut stickers because I removed all hooks and locks myself from my panniers. It took a long time to finish them, but the result is TOP. Thank you Mark.  Luc Bogaert. Belguim.
Thank you Luc! You were the first to ask for stickers for the bottom of the boxes, but pleased to help. True dedication to strip all of your boxes right down to basic, drilling out all the rivets and removing all of the hooks and clips, but a real credit to you, you've done a fantastic job, well done! Many thanks, Mark.


Love the new top box wrap Mark. CKS

(Added the WW1 commemorative top box wrap to the beer crate side boxes fitted last year). Thanks CKS! Cheers, Mark 

Beer Crates & WW1 Top Box

 CKS Panniers

I ordered the pannier wraps for my GSA triple black and got to say what a transformation! Great little design Mark has and the product itself is second to none! Fitting is pretty much straight forward and the end result is pretty much superb! Prints were really good and the delivery is on point. Mark's prints are highly recommended and if and when I change bikes, no doubt I’ll be back to order some more. Thank you Mark and a pleasure doing business! Joe Purvor