On the rare occasions of problems with your order...

I pride myself that as a 'One Man Band' I can offer my customers a dedicated service. Apps like Google Reviews and Trustpilot can help to reinforce a brand and that company's/individual's ethics. However, on rare occasions, there are problems that are entirely out of the vendor's control, like missing or delayed post/courier.
I am fully contactable. You can find my email, Message via FB and Insta, What'sApp and even phone number via the website (or, if you have placed an order, on the order!). On the rare occasions that there is a problem, it is soul destroying that sometimes people publicly undermine everything that you have worked for by attacking the integrity of the business with negative reviews.
I have a package that is currently 'stuck' (no idea why. All of the details were completed when the shipping was arranged) in Belgium customs. As with many larger companies, with 'bpost' there is no way of making contact other than a useless ChatBot. The time scales offered by many of these companies have little or no regard for the smaller individual. On the rare occasion that Royal Mail have 'lost' things, I have sent replacements and made claims, only to be told, via an automated system, that my parcel has now been delivered (sometimes, rarely thankfully) weeks or months after the original parcel was posted. Therefore, no compensation is available. That's sometimes after I have shipped replacement goods.
My products are not cheap, I appreciate that, but that is because the materials are very expensive. I cannot afford to swallow some of these costs like large corporate companies can, BUT my customers will always come first, I will do everything within my power to ensure that you don't lose out.
Please, if on the rare occasion, you have a problem with an order, contact me first rather than shouting your frustrations from the rooftops via rating apps. If I fail to help or offer solutions, then yes, feel free to let everyone how bad I am! In the meantime, I will see what I can do to keep this customer 'happy'.
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